May 30

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  • I began this venture to bring together all of the things I’m passionate about under one roof. Rebranding Del Woods Modeling Agency LLC was a difficult decision, because I was so worried about loosing credibility. Little did I know this shows more of my credibility in an amazing way. I have to admit I am so computer illiterate and struggled with putting this site together. One thing I’ve learned in my 40 yrs. on earth that if you don’t know how to do something just ask. The final product has shocked me because I was not expecting my site to be done in a month. Once I launched my site I have already gotten opportunities to bring more eyes to what me and my Executive Manager have created. Thank You to all who have believed in me; you all made this possible.

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    "Yesterday was my first time modeling with the Del Woods Modeling Agency, LLC. I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of people. Delma, I wish I could give you 10 stars!!  You rock girl." 

    ~  Iteia C.

        Georgetown, SC

    " I had my one-on-one Modeling class with Delma and it was amazing. Delma is very patient and knowledgeable. I admire her and would highly recommend her. "

    ~  Ziomara J.

        Atlanta, GA

    "Yes, I do recommend that anyone works with or joins this amazing agency since speaking with the beautiful owner Ms. Delma Woods my modeling career has changed. She has given me some things to do "homework" and my career has skyrocketed to a higher level and I have stepped out of my shy shell. I definitely believe in this Modeling Agency, so don't be afraid to ask for help. They will welcome you with open arms, they wont' steer you wrong. Thank you so much for assisting me."

    ~  Kamille R.                                        New York, NY